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morning dancin'
I've officially completed my applications for pharmacy school!!!! YAY!!!! AAAAAAND, matt just agreed that if I get accepted outside of Pittsburgh that we will make it happen somehow :D (like move halfway for our commutes, as the other schools are in Erie and WV, could be an hour commute) xoxoxooxoxox

spent part of the day yesterday driving around on the nebulous neville island, researching the Dravo shipbuilding company that once existed....looking forward to talking with the township about it; Frontier Steel is now occupying their space, but I have a hunch that some remnants of it remain ;)

halloween & death
finished "RE-ENTERING" data for my pharmacy app....ugh...anyway, this is a good thing.
getting revved up for the "trick or treaters" except that our neighbors are the family of a person that I have qualms with from my past and I might just let matt be the candyman while I sit here watching "Alice in Wonderland" and snoozing. I had my first death dream in a reeeeeeeeeally long time....somebody actually shot me in my dream....it woke me up and felt like a true pain. consciousness...unconsciousness...so crazy. anyway, it was fun to be the pac-man ghosts with my friends this weekend :) we were pinky, inky, and blinky. no clyde.

this week, however, i feel the very sincere need for an isolated retreat coming up. very isolated and very sincere. must be the ghosty, ghastly mood of the season, haha

really, i can't wait until i'm done grading. ugh.

ugh. i have to grade so much to catch up for midterms!!!!?? stress.

laugh or cry?
so matt and i had our "date night" last night. we had good eats at the cheesecake factory (shrimp tacos and portabella mushroom sandwich with summer roll appetizer) and read over some interesting research side by side in the booth. it was pretty cute :) The article was a study of rheumatoid arthritis being treated with folic acid, B6, and various meds vs control group. They tested for changes in immune system response (no significant changes) and for levels of cells that cause inflammation (significant changes noted). This being said, I am really glad I am taking B6, as it is shown in the research to help deter inflammation in the joints!!! (and with my neck and hip injury, I can use that help). I plan on encouraging everyone to supplement with it, especially sonbanon, unless you already are taking it! (I will send you the article if you like)

i heard from Ornella, the neuroscientist that I was working with who is now in Vienna. One of the projects that I helped her with is being considered for publication, which would be a great bonus for my application to the pharmacy program! We'll see how it all unfolds; I might have to reapply the next year. As Ornella says about neuroscience, this is a good study of my own motivation and determination, as our brain works harder and actually receives a stronger reward for a task that have to struggle a bit with, wha hahaha....
not sure if i should laugh or cry? ;)

questions on my brain
i don't know what to say about the video project; it was a lot of hours of fun and silly work and i'm sure the editing process is going to take us waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than we initially thought, however, nightingale is all on it so i can't complain about the process too much. i can complain that i am way to busy! i have 4 job man, and probably 2 too many. i have to finish the pharmacy app this week and i have been deterring it because it will make the situation "final" which...eh...you know how that goes.

i can't explain how excited i am that nightingale is back in artistic action with the shipwrecked project. we are getting together tonight and tomorrow to work on the video shoot and i'm super stoked!!! will hopefully have something done by October's end.

i've been taking about 4 g of vitamin c a day to fight off the sick and it's made a difference in my energy level and recovery. also tried the B6 remedy for muscle contracting pain, also noticeable!


i don't wanna work, i WANNA BANG ON THE DRUM ALL DAY??!!!!!

SS central america
who wants to go to the convention center with me for a lecture on the goods being sold from the ss central america???
with coupon, $4, or with student ID, saturday is FREE!!!


i'm not very interested in the rest of the lectures, however, i might consider walking around if anyone else is interested. maybe lunch afterwards and a stop in at the Toon Seum for more button making?????? we could also bike/walk the river trail afterward

This weekend I feel like one of those people who has a good social life; out with friends for a political barbecue, then to a house concert featuring amazing pittsburgh musicians, then to dinner with the girls....tomorrow the harp society stuff...
I hope I make time for my friends like this on a more regular basis and I also hope that I keep doing things that make me feel happy :)

Nightingale & matt are going to help us girls make a music video that's really only amateur level for youtube sake :) I'm excited about working on creative stuff- we will make a video for prophecy and drama from the shipwrecked album! we are looking for victorian costumes- anyone have any affordable leads for rentals or purchase?

Watched "the hours" with dad last night; I've read a bit of her bio stuff and I wonder about her motivations, i think that the stigma during virginia's day just complicated her situation even more. mental health treatment history is so interesting and really just plain old messed up....

I've been flirting with getting a puppy. talk me out of it????? i want to name him wilbur, after the pig, yes. I can't stop thinking about him :) Molly has him ready for me, just have to agree that we want him.....matt is not in favor in his head, but his heart says yes :) we've been talking about our babies and their names, it's been such a warm feeling to consider being a mother again....finally.....after many years of wishing....we'll see how it all goes :)

morning excitement
my oatmeal turned out PERFECT today :) now if only I kept track of exactly how much water I'd added....

lots to catch up on, but mostly, TGIF, mensch! for any takers- there's a fantastic harp duo this Sunday at CMU in Kresge hall- The Pittsburgh Harp Society will proudly present "The Lipman Harp Duo" - http://www.ahspittsburgh.org/apps/calendar/showEvent?calID=5817057&eventID=142094756 - a married couple from Australia will perform some classics, very intimate- Bach, Grieg....not sure of the full repertoire. I'll be working the door so I'll definitely see you there if you can make it!!!